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Aspect of the year 1968 contributed to it being a unique year in world Essay - 1

Aspect of the year 1968 contributed to it being a unique year in world history - Essay Example To achieve this, the essay shall rely on Mark Kurlansky’s book, â€Å"1968: The Year That Rocked the World,† and Selection from Lady Bird Johnson’s March 31, 1968 diary entry, concerning Johnson’s failure to run for re-election. Kurlansky (2005) argues that his decision had several and far reaching implications on the country and presidency. He was leaving a country that was deeply divided and facing unprecedented crisis both locally and abroad. His decision to give up when the nation needed leadership most surprised many. Kurlansky’s arguments are supported by Abbie Hoffman, who asserts that the decision came at a bad time when America had involved itself deeply in the Vietnam War under Johnson’ leadership, and had already generated a negative public opinion, both locally and globally. Kurlansky quotes Hoffman that â€Å"we were standing still. How could we pull our pants down? America was already naked. What could we disrupt? America was falling apart at the seams,’ (Kurlansky 229). This confirms the surprise of the Americans after the president’s decision. Kurlansky points to the division that had arisen in the country and especially in the Democratic Party because of the Vie tnam War. The president was facing stiff opposition from his own party while, ironically, it was the republicans who supported him on the war. The decision also came at a time when the American citizens and the soldiers at the battle front were becoming demoralized due to the losses they had encountered in Vietnamese battle fronts and the desire by the people to end the war. The president himself had foreseen the effect his resignation would have on the morale of the troops on the battle front. According to Lady Bird Johnson’s March 31, 1968 diary entry, the president had consulted General Westmoreland, who was in command of the troops, in the battle front, and who had assured him that it would have little impact. While dismissing a suggestion from his wife who had talked to

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Microeconomics issue-airline market Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Microeconomics issue-airline market - Essay Example However, these airlines can justify their imposition of penalties in the terms of microeconomics. These fees, according to a source in the market says has been implemented to discourage people from making irrational booking at the online source of airline. If we link this statement to the lens of microeconomics, we can see that this fee has been imposed to even out or to pay for the social costs of ticket changing or cancelations. Theses social costs may include additional cost for the company to change tickets, cancel booking of each tickets etc. Furthermore, as a result of ticket cancellations, it may happen that many planes of the company would operate below their capacity and hence incur social costs like additional fuel, additional clerical costs to change or cancel the tickets, some people who will be in need to travel urgently will be denied a ticket because company may be assuming that it has sold all the tickets and at the last minute they will find out that some of the pass engers have either returned or changed their tickets. This is a social cost to the entire society and thus higher prices imposed through these penalties are going to reduce irrational buying and reduce the quantity of tickets bought and hence reduce the societal costs, which are discussed above. Another article also makes a good assumption that since these costs are incurred for the benefits of the society they should be used to counter the life-threatening diseases that are prevalent in the society. A United Nations program has raised around $1.2 billion from a small fee that was added to airline fares. The program was that passengers were asked to contribute voluntarily towards the programme by adding a small amount to their total ticket fare. This program was a success and raised huge amount of funds for the United Nations. However, if this program would have forcefully increased the ticket prices, than this would have been disastrous for the airline